Subsequent to the termination of Larvatus Prodeo Brian Bahnisch, a blogger there, took the initiative to establish Climate Plus as a blog with two focusses, firstly on climate change and secondly on topics of current interest.

It seeks to make important information accessible and to provide a venue for sharing and engaging in an environment that is both congenial and civil. Vigorous contestation of ideas is welcome within those parameters.


An older man with pale skin stands in front of a wall.  He is wearing spectacles and a plaid shirt.Brian Bahnisch

Brian Bahnisch holds a Bachelor of Arts and a graduate degree in Education. After qualifying as a librarian his substantive career was in the Department of Education in Queensland, as the first Supervisor of School Libraries from 1969, later with broader duties as an Assistant Director in the Division of Curriculum Services covering all curriculum materials and associated services.

The Queensland School Library Association has instituted a professional practice award which carries Brian’s name in recognition of his contribution to teacher-librarianship.

Brian left government employment in 1991. He took up garden maintenance, now mainly on acreages in Brookfield. Since 2002 Brian has written extensively for the internet on a variety of topics, such as trade issues and more recently on climate change. Brian wrote for Margo Kingston’s Webdiary, John Quiggin, and the group blog Larvatus Prodeo (2002-2013) founded by his son Mark. He was a member of the FAQ Research team, a joint project between Larvatus Prodeo and Crikey, analysing coal seam gas and land use issues.

Brian grew up on a farm about 400km NW of Brisbane in brigalowcountry at the southern edge of the Fitzroy River catchment. One end of the property lipped over the Great Dividing Range into the Murray Darling Basin.

Since founding the blog in 2014 Brian has formally joined the Australian Labor Party when Tony Abbott became prime minister. For some years he was inactive, but since Scott Morrison won an election in 2019 he has now joined Mt Coot-tha Branch and LEAN (Labor Environment Action Network).

A headshot of an older man with pale skin, sunglasses and a silver beard, in front of greenery.John Davidson

John joins the blog at the outset, bringing the practical perspective of an engineer.

John is a retired process engineer who has spent most of his working life in the mining and construction industries. His work has ranged from formal research through to design, commissioning and operations management.

He is a volunteer for Beyond Zero Emissions, an organization that produces and publicises credible reports such as this plan for converting our power reducing Australia’s power supply emissions to zero in 10 years.

John and his wife grew up in the Hunter valley region and then spent 18 years raising a family in the remote mining towns on Groote Eylandt and the center of WA.

He has had a lifetime love affair with the wild woods, the sea and thinking outside current orthodoxies. He has had work published in Larvatus Prodeo, RenewEconomy and The Drum.

Header image

The image shows clouds over Brisbane viewed from Upper Brookfield, looking ENE from behind Mt Coot-tha, taken in late May when trade winds were bringing in a few showers. Here’s the scene:

The foreground used to be a dairy farm. You can still see the remnants of the cow yard at the lower left. At times there are still grazing cows in that paddock and always on what’s left of the original farm off picture up the hill to the right.



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