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  1. The treatment of the unemployed is a scandal. Not only have both Labor and the LNP failed to increase the allowance in the last 8 yrs but the rules associated with Newstart could be politely described as nasty disincentives to work. Is Harassing the Unemployed Justified? was published in Aug 2016 but not much had been changed when I started writing something on the topic last year. (Imagine how much the rich would squark if they were taxed at the Newstart clawback rate of 60 cents per dollar earned.

  2. Mr A
    The treatment of the bludger is overly generous in this Country.
    What exactly is clawed back ?

  3. Jumpy: Back to dole bludger land again are we Jumpy? Never been on the dole in my life but did go through a stage once where it took me 12 months, contacts and luck to get back into the workforce . That was with good qualifications, good work experience and a good track record.
    Clawback is what the government takes off someone on Newstart or part pension who earns a few extra dollars. In many cases the combination of clawback, income tax and the cost of working (such as transport costs) can leave the worker out of pocket. Particularly bad if what we are taking about is part time work.
    Bludgers are well off people who think it is OK to pay the workers poorly so they get their cup of copy a bit cheaper.

  4. John, I’m a bit astonished that Key Posts is open to comments. Normally posts shut comments down automatically after two months. Just now I can’t find the switch to turn them off, but could we continue this on Weekly salon pls?

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