ALP extends lead

They say that all politics is local. In any case Abbott’s ventures into international politics in APEC and the G20 seem to have done him no good. Newspoll has the ALP 10 points ahead (55-45) on a two-party-preferred basis, with Labor’s primary vote ahead of the LNP for the first time since July. Shorten has edged ahead in the better prime minister stakes 43-39 with 20% uncommitted. For the tables go here.

Newspoll 17  Nov_cropped

It’s the gap and the trend that is interesting. Morgan has a similar pattern, coming out at 55.5 – 44.5 for the ALP.

The only demographic where the LNP is ahead is now the over 65 year olds. The ALP leads in all states, even WA, but by less than the margin for error.

Morgan has PUP on a mere 2.5% nationwide and only 1.5 in Victoria.

6 thoughts on “ALP extends lead”

  1. Gawd! If the ALP hadn’t extended their lead after the embarrassment of the G20 there would be something wrong with them.
    Abbott is the best thing they have going for them.

  2. Abbotts international forays have looked ridiculous far too often so it is doing nothing to offset the unfair budget. Hockey and his mate haven’t been helping either.
    One wonders how much longer Abbott can last.
    I also wonder what effect Obama’s qld uni speech will have on the Greens vote. Saving the future for the grandchildren is good conservative policy.

  3. I hadn’t realized just how appalling Abbott was at the G20

    TAKE a bow ’Straya. You showed the world, when given the opportunity to shine on a global stage of grand ideas, just how small-minded and insular we can be.

    Sure, we hosted a meeting of G20 leaders that went off without a logistic hitch or any ugly civil unrest or security incidents. Well done us.

    The vision and inspirational leadership side of the equation though left a bit to be desired.

    Less than a week after the United States and China announced a landmark agreement to tackle climate change, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott opened proceedings at the G20 summit by boasting how Australia had abandoned its carbon-pricing scheme.

    He also, literally, thanked God that we have stopped the “illegal boats” – in the company of people like Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, whose navy earlier this year rescued more than 3500 seaborne asylum seekers in one 48-hour period.

    Then for good measure, he moaned to the world’s most-powerful leaders about his failure to get a $7 Medicare co-payment through the Senate; parish pump pissantery in front of the likes of US President Barack Obama, whose administration went to the brink of international debt default thanks to a gridlocked Congress.

    A columnist for the LA Times described it as “an awkward, pimply youth moment so embarrassing that it does sting”.

    Imagine how much better Julia G would have done?

  4. I wanted to pull the bed-covers over my head it was so bad.
    But at the moment I don’t want Abbott gone. Labor will slaughter him; Turnbull I’m not so sure. He’s just as bad of course, just not as obvious.

  5. PB, I’m with you there. But if they axe Abbott it won’t be Turnbull. More likely Scott Morrison or Julie Bishop.

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