I’ll be away until mid-October

As already mentioned on Saturday salon 29/8 four of the Bahnisch siblings and their partners have decided to meet up and invade Europe again. Back in 2008 it was the Rhine, this time the centre-piece is a trip down the Danube. I’ll be away from Tuesday 8 September to Tuesday 13 October.

John D has been busy doing good works lately, but has indicated he might crank out a few posts.

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The return trip from Budapest is over 36 hours, I believe, so it may take a while for me to emerge.

On my return it is my intention to carry on monitoring climate change until 2020, given the importance of what the world does over the near term.

I’ve been monitoring the temperatures in Europe a bit and until last week Berlin was having days over 30°C. According to the averages I think we should expect something like an Adelaide winter, which I find cold. I believe an El Niño in the Pacific can mean a wet winter in Europe, so we’ll see what autumn brings.

14 thoughts on “I’ll be away until mid-October”

  1. Thanks, folks. We are pretty much packed a day ahead of time. Right now 5 weeks seems like a long time, but we’ll only be superficially sampling the places we visit.

    I’m getting warnings about pick-pockets in Prague, Vienna and Budapest ! Just to make my day!

  2. Bon voyage to all of you – and the offer to carry your bags and do the quality assurance testing on all meals is still there 🙂

    Hope you bring back lots of observations and handy hints on climate change and how we can take advantage of it.

  3. Thanks, Graham. I guess climate isn’t weather. Europe seems to have settled into an autumn pattern.

    Probably I’ll have some conversations which could bring other perspectives.

    See y’all later!

  4. Yes, got back yesterday, plane landed at 6.30am. We left Budapest 6.40 pm on Sunday and arrived here at 6.30 am Tuesday. I think that makes roughly 30 hours travel time but about half a day gets added on to either end, to make over 50 hours without a decent sleep. Yesterday was horrible, feeling a bit human today. It’ll take a few days to get my life back into some sort of shape.

    The trip, of course, was brilliant. A highlight for us was Martin Pintscher conducting his own work with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

  5. Welcome home, Brian and all. Looking forward to reading your impressions and perspectives, once you have had a decent rest.

  6. Thanks, Paul and Graham. Great trip!

    I’ve actually worked pretty hard physically yesterday and today. They say it takes about a week to recover from jet lag, so I’m here, but not very productive yet.

  7. I’m on my wife’s computer. The internet connection is kaputt on mine. Will need a technician next week. Can’t log in here and can’t post.

    Not happy!!

  8. Then verdict seems to be that the modem is stuffed. A new modem is said to arrive from Telstra in two to four working days, starting from Monday.

  9. My clever son has installed a gizmo which allows me to access the modem via wi-fi. So now I can read the email that tells me that Telstra has dispatched the devise I need!

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