Poll stuff: is the worm turning?

Last week Newspoll with a 50-50 two party preferred vote looked like an outlier. This week it has been joined by the Essential Report.

The Essential Report averages the past two weeks for its new result each week. Last week it had the LNP ahead 52-48, which indicates a strong underlying shift may be at play.

This week Essential looks at the trust given to parties to handle specific issues. Ostensibly the results favour the LNP, but Bernard Keane at Crikey has looked at the trends. He says that the last time this poll was done, in December, the LNP had strengthened its standing across the board from the previous poll in October. Now Labor is making gains across the board.

On the issues considered most important by the electorate, health has now overtaken the economy as the most important issue, scoring 43% to 37%, whereas last November the economy edged out health 47% to 46%.

In the poll looking at party positioning in terms of left/right, Labor appears in a centrist position, with the LNP on the right and the Greens clearly on the left.

On senate reform, as John D reported, Essential Report has 53% overall favouring the proposed reform, with 16 % against. Both LNP (71/9) and Labor(52/19) have over 50% approving. Greens were 46/29 in favour. Overall 30% don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Poll stuff: is the worm turning?”

  1. On Super Tuesday, Mr Trump felt an election coming on.

    What an exciting time to be a voter…..

    Seems to me that the Federal ALP has bounded into the Parliamentary year with hints of a plan: tax changes including changes to negative gearing, Professor Dodson as replacement Senator, a fresh vigour in Question Time.

    The Govt has been making it easier for them. Will Scott last?

    With free advice from Sir Tony, Senator Cory and the sainted John Howard, the PM’s cup runneth over.

  2. An improvement in Senate voting system with simplified BTL and doing away with preference harvesting ATL – some power returns to voters if they wish to use it

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