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Climate Plus Blog Rides Again

Hello, long time no visit. I originally set this blog up for Brian quite a few years ago, and it’s mostly been well behaved, but then it decided to take a Bex and have a lie-down at a very inconvenient time.

What with the time of year forcing other obligations it’s taken me this long to work out that the fix was actually an embarassingly simple one when I’d been looking at a bunch of complex possibilities.

So, belatedly, it’s back up again but with fewer of the special functions until I work out which one was sending the database into conniptions.

Happy New Year!

19 thoughts on “Climate Plus Blog Rides Again”

  1. You are a bl**dy champ, Viv!

    Congratulations and thank you.

    Happy New Year to all!

    Recently Ambi Bereft (of blog)

  2. To be honest, at first I was grateful to have a bit of forced rest, but as the situation dragged on I was contemplating the blog’s mortality, and what difference not having it would make to my life.

    2019 was certainly a tipping point in that climate change smacked us (homo not so sapiens) in the face, commentary and public discourse on cc has increased by an order of magnitude, and we are at a tipping point as to whether we will be able to attain a decent livable equilibrium climate state.

    So the is plenty to write about.

    I have to work today and have some social obligations on the weekend, so I’m not sure when I’ll get a new post done.

    Viv has had to disable all the plug-ins, which means the formatting tools on the comments box is not there. Also missing in the engine room where posts are written, not sure I’ll be able to do links and images, so we’ll have to be patient.

  3. Thanks Viv. My computer skills went into decline once computers stopped using punched card and Fortran.
    On the good news side Prime Minister Scott Morrison got bushfire ‘welcome he deserved’ in Cobargo, says Andrew Constance, State minister for transport in NSW see
    Wonder who the next prime minister will be and whether Morrison will end up being disliked more than Shorten.

  4. Thanks tigtog and great to have you back Brian.
    I blame labor and the bloody greenies for the hiatus.
    Happy New Year to all.

  5. zoot, certainly a story of using a policy area as a weapon….. but I’m puzzled by this: as I recall, “The Australian” announced with a fanfare that lasted several weeks, that its own operations as a newspaper manufacturer were going to become carbon-emissions-neutral within a few years…..

    And then the BIG campaign.
    It was akin to “We have always been at war with …..” [Orwell, 1984]

  6. Ootz, my big fear was that the whole blog had been deleted, because when I logged on to our host – Dreamhost in the US – I was recognised but then invited to start a blog.

    The blog is archived at the National Library, but they do a grab once a year – in August. There were a few important posts after that which would have been down the crapper.

    There is too much going on in CC for me to capture enough for C+ to be a blog of record. That being said, apart from Climate Code Red, it’s the only blog that has been consistently critical of the IPCC and called for 350ppm. I think we are on the right side of history.

    Of course Naomi Orestes has led the charge in calling out scientific reticence, operating mainly through books.

  7. Ambi and zoot, one would think that sooner or later the Oz might realise that a national paper should be something more than a partisan rag. However ABC RN’s All in the Mind reran a program on Why smart people do stupid things.

    The Liberals and the Oz have largely been responsible for making climate change a ‘political’ issue rather than policy based on science.

  8. John, I think that is a fair question. It’s probably more important that he goes to India and Japan now for the country as a whole, but he seems to be pulling the wrong leavers.

  9. The failing New York Times demonstrates how the Oz
    could cover the fires (if it was actually a newspaper).
    And a thought on Scotty from Marketing – he demonstrates a total absence of any talent for marketing. Did the department kick him upstairs?

  10. Morrison calls out the reserves for the first time in Australian history as well as committing to investments in fire fighting aircraft and other actions.
    He has then gone on with politically advertising re what he has done. (Don’t remember this happening before in OZ)
    He also said somewhere that he was doing what he was doing without listening to the premiers. The big man has taken over AND IT WILL BE DONE HIS WAY!!!
    Sounds like out of control political panicking from someone who doesn’t know how to lead.

  11. John

    The focus groups must be speaking clearly and negatively.
    Scotty from Marketing listens to the focus groups.

    In Victoria, we had a Chief Police Commissioner who visited a control centre on Black Saturday, but also spent many hours that day with her biographer and her hairdresser. She never lived that down.

    (In retirement as Chief Commissioner she worked as head of the Bushfire Recovery authority, commended for her empathy and listening. Victoria had approx 173 dead from those fires. The Andrews Govt has spent 11 years doing solid, expensive work readying the State to better cope with disastrous fires.)

    The departure of Scotty from Tourism Australia is still somewhat shadowy, I think. “Where the Bloody Hell Is He?”


  12. John, I’ve done a new post on the bushfire topic. A few extra links. I wanted to have a separate post on the topic for the record.

  13. John, I heard some of that on radio. So it wasn’t a Liberal Party ad, just a ScoMo as PM ad on social media using the Liberal Party to make it legal.

    That doesn’t improve the situation.

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