Newman Unable to stop 2794 new Qld Solar in Aug

Newman’s anti solar hysteria and the economic punishing of those who continue to install solar is having little effect on the growth of both rooftop and commercial solar.  During August, another 2,794 systems of 5kW or less were added to bring another 11.5MW of capacity into the system.  This despite the fact that participating households are being paid little for their power exports.

The other surprising thing si that the average installation size was 4.12kW, which is much more than households would consume while the sun is shining. 

Perhaps the households are just using more electricity, or preparing for the addition of battery storage down the line.

Also surprising is that ”

107 large systems worth 1.47MW of capacity were connected to medium and large business and commercial customers in August, bringing the commercial systems total to 1,347 at 17.8MW of capacity.

The network operator believes this growth in large systems is fuelled by focused marketing, a desire to remain on energy-only tariffs (i.e. remain below the 100MWh pa threshold) and the maturing and more efficient connection processes under the ‘zero export’ option.

This graph shows how little effect Newman’s attacks are having on Queenslanders.

energex systems aug 14

For those of you who live in SE Qld the following graph may be of interest:

energex solar