Poll stuff 22/7

Back on July 13 Roy Morgan had Bill Shorten’s support ‘crumbling’ with Labor just ahead at 51-49 TPP. With the new Newspoll, Shorten’s support ‘sinks deeper’, but hey, who cares, Labor leads 53-47, up one from last time.

That’s paywalled, but the full poll results are here.

Bronnie’s penchant for helicopter rides no doubt didn’t help.

Since February Bill Shorten’s approval rating has gone from 42% to just 27%, lower than Abbott ever was in opposition. His disapproval rating is now at 59%, rivalling Abbott’s at 60%.

Abbott is now ahead in the better PM stakes at 39-36. Last time they were even at 39.

Marius Benson sinks the boot in.

    Both Abbott and Shorten are seen as vacuous careerists with little seriousness about policy.

Essential has Labor chugging along four weeks in a row at 52-48 TPP.

They always look at a variety of other interesting issues, this time renewable energy.

    50% of respondents agree more with the statement that the Government should prioritise support for the renewable energy industry over the coal industry and only 6% think they should prioritise coal over renewables. 28% think they should treat both industries equally.

    49% of respondents agree more with the statement that the Government prioritises the coal industry over the renewable energy industry and only 12% think they prioritise the renewable energy industry over the coal industry. 13% think they treat both industries equally.

    60% think that the Federal Government gives enough support to the coal industry and a majority think they do not give enough support to roof top solar (57%), wind farms (56%) or large scale solar (55%).

4 thoughts on “Poll stuff 22/7”

  1. My understanding is that Shorten was an enthusiastic driver of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and that disability groups thanked him for his legwork on this scheme when he had the disability portfolio. I think Shorten has substance and a heart but he lacks charisma. I can live without a charismatic leader. I will definitely vote for Bill.

  2. Karen I’d pretty much agree with that.

    Shorten took over the Gonski negotiations in the end, when Gillard fell and with her Peter Garrett. In fact he signed up a few that Pete was having trouble with, except Queensland of course, where Newman was always going to play silly buggers. Some of these union guys know how to strike a deal.

    I think Shorten is quite consultative and will delegate well.

  3. A lot of Labor and Green supporters would have liked Shorten to have made a stronger stand on things like the citizenship removal laws. The political question is whether making this stand would have made Shorten more popular while driving a net loss to the Labor primary vote and the 2PP.
    The way Shorten listened, got together a proposal and then campaigned till the disability scheme became a reality impressed me. It is not the only really impressive thing he has done since entering parliament.

  4. I will definitely vote for Bill.

    Your in Maribyrnong ?
    Safe to say he’ll hold it even if you don’t.

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