Poll stuff 5/8

Last week’s Morgan poll had Labor ahead 54-46, Essential continues at 53-47. There was no Newspoll this week but the Abbott Government’s political fortunes remain decisively buried. Interest turns to how the leaders are tracking. Here the news is that “Don’t know” and “Anyone else” are performing very well indeed.

First the Liberals:

Leaders 2015 Jy_cropped_600

Malcolm Turnbull leads with 24% then Don’t know at 22, Tony Abbott at 18, Julie Bishop at 17, followed be Someone else at 13%.

It must be said that Abbott is up 7% since February.

Here’s Labor:

Leaders_Labor_ 2015 Jy_cropped_600a

Don’t know leads by a country mile at 36%, followed by Someone else at 18, Shorten at 16, Plibersek at 13 and Albanese at 12%.

With their own voters both Abbott and Shorten lead, but neither can command a majority. 41% of Liberals want Abbott, but only 34% of Labor voters want Bill.

It must be said that Roy Morgan on July 20-22 came out with very different numbers, though Abbott and Shorten also perform poorly.

For Liberal leader, Turnbull leads with 44% followed by Bishop 15, Abbott 13, Can’t say 11 and Someone else only 1%.

For Labor leader we have Plibersek on 26%, Albanese on 19, Shorten on 12, Can’t say on 16 and Someone else on 2%.

With their own mob, both current leaders are headed in the Morgan poll, with the Libs preferring Turnbull and Labor liking Plibersek. Only 26% of Liberals want Abbott and 17% of Labor want Shorten.

Leadership in the major political parties is in dreadful shape, with no-one commanding a majority since Rudd slipped off his perch in early 2010.

Essential also explored attitudes to seven nominated threats amongst Australian voters. Respondents were asked to nominate the two biggest. Labor voters were almost equally concerned about global economic instability, terrorism and climate change, scoring them in the 47 to 51% range. LNP voters were relaxed about climate change, with only 18% rating it. That contrasted with the Greens where climate change came in at 72%. Concern amongst the Greens about terrorism was correspondingly low at 21%.

So which voters have the best grasp of reality?

4 thoughts on “Poll stuff 5/8”

  1. Rhetorical question I know but I think Greens voters have a more realistic view on risks

  2. I thought Someone Else would have polled much better than this.

    Most of the people I know don’t want any of the current bunch.

    The shift in attitudes started with the white-anting, and replacement by Julia Gillard, of Kevin Rudd by his fellow members of the LNP – ooops – the ALP and by the Ministry Of Truth pretending to be our free and fair news media. Regardless of his many faults, Kevin Rudd was still the head of a government which WE, collectively, elected. It was OUR right to decide, on balanced and accurate information being available to us, to decide whether he should stay or go.

    All we have been served up ever since is a mixture of B-grade “Ringside at The Wrestlers” and kindergarten tantrums. It is not even a shadow of Democracy, it’s a sad farce.

    Is it any wonder so many voters just want to see the whole lot get the heave-ho – and the sooner the better.

  3. Graham, from memory Rudd’s personal ratings fell before he was shunted, around the time he dumped the emissions trading scheme and then there was the pink batts business and all!

    Doug, I think the Greens have it about right.

  4. GB: The opinion polls provide a reasonable measure of what the voters want now as distinct from what they wanted at the last election. In the case of Rudd they were clearly getting sick of him by the time he was dumped so i find it hard to take

    Kevin Rudd was still the head of a government which WE, collectively, elected.

    let alone

    It was OUR right to decide, on balanced and accurate information being available to us

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