Malcolm the LNP Leader

It is nice to have an LNP leader who doesn’t think “we stopped the boats” is all that he needs to say about economic policy.  However,  the Tea Party faction is still strong in the LNP and Nats so my guess is that the left side of politics is going to be disappointed.  So what effect do you think this will have on the next election?

I’ll be away until mid-October

As already mentioned on Saturday salon 29/8 four of the Bahnisch siblings and their partners have decided to meet up and invade Europe again. Back in 2008 it was the Rhine, this time the centre-piece is a trip down the Danube. I’ll be away from Tuesday 8 September to Tuesday 13 October.

John D has been busy doing good works lately, but has indicated he might crank out a few posts. Continue reading I’ll be away until mid-October

Can Christiana Figueres persuade humanity to save itself?

Sometimes personalities matter. What if the ‘hanging chads’ in the Florida vote had been counted differently and Al Gore had become President in 2000 instead of George Bush. It was a sliding doors moment for climate change.

Elizabeth Kolbert takes a look at the state of play in international climate negotiations, and the woman who directs the UN effort to strike a climate agreement in Paris. Continue reading Can Christiana Figueres persuade humanity to save itself?

Climate clippings 153

1. July hottest ever

Not just the hottest July, we’ve just had the hottest single month since records began in 1880. It’s also been the hottest first seven months of any year, so we are heading into new territory. Continue reading Climate clippings 153