Poll stuff 26/8

Newspoll has Abbott sinking further into the mire. Essential gives him some hope, but finds Justice Heydon should go.

Newspoll has Labor remaining at 54-46 ahead in the two party preferred vote. Of interest, though, the LNP primary vote has slipped one to 39, and is now behind Labor on 40.

Liberals can no longer depend on Shorten being unelectable. His personal approval rating, while not good at a net -18, has improved 10 points. Abbott’s is 5 points worse at -33.

For better prime minister, Shorten now heads Abbott 40-35.

Roy Morgan has Labor ahead 54.5-45.5, and claims the gap has closed from 58-42 in the last poll. I remember it as 57-43, but in any case it was probably a rogue poll.

Essential Report offers Abbott some comfort with the Labor lead closing to 51-49.

On Justice Heydon’s potential conflict of interest, Essential finds 38% think there is a conflict of interest and he should step down as Royal Commissioner, 25% think there is no conflict of interest and he should continue, while 37% don’t know.

Would the survey help Justice Heydon work out what a “fair-minded lay observer” thinks? You see, 50% of Liberal/National voters think there is no conflict of interest while 56% of Labor voters and 55% of Greens voters think there is.

On the Royal Commission itself, 39% think the that the Trade Union Royal Commission is a legitimate investigation of union practices, 27% think that it is a political attack on Labor and the unions, while 34% did not know.

Around the traps, Galaxy finds Labor has opened a definite gap by leading 52-48.

Onya Stacia, or at least so far so good.