The new Turnbull Cabinet

The Complete list of the new Turnbull cabinet is out.  The losers are hardly surprising (Andrews, Hockey, Abetz and MacFarlane and Billson) and many of the moves interesting or sensible. (Ex: Taking Arts off Brandis.)   Women have done well with the new Defense Minister being Marise Payne.

I don’t know much about many of the new winners.  What do you think?  Sensible moves?   Highly questionable ones?


3 thoughts on “The new Turnbull Cabinet”

  1. It would what to be good given he drew it up before the last spill 6 months ago.

    Polls looking healthy for them as a reward for being sly underhanded mutineers.

    But the ALP have always been better at it than the Libs ( and the greens are learning fast ) so Billy Boy better watch himself now.
    Particularly with a lot of his union buddies ( very close, some of them ) facing criminal charges.

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