Can You Help With TPP Review?

The full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a pending trade deal between 12 nations including Australia – was released for the first time this week.  The ABC is asking for help in analysing this document.  It is specifically asking people to comment on parts that interest them to help prepare articles on the agreement. (The link includes the ABC form shown at the bottom of this post.)

It’s 30 chapters in all, or more than 600 pages – a complex document touching on many areas of trade and economic activity.

In addition, the Washington Post has published a searchable version.

The ABC form asked these logical questions:

What did you find? *

Tell us about what you found in the TPP, and why it’s worth investigating.

Where did you find it? 
Tell us the chapter and page number of what you’re referring to.

What’s the relevant text from the TPP?
If possible, copy and paste a snippet of the TPP text you’re referring to.

Who are you?
If possible, share your name, or your Twitter handle. (Won’t be shared or published.)

How can we contact you?
If possible, provide your phone number or email for follow-up queries. (Won’t be shared or published.)

In addition, other organizations, including Climate + that you belong to may be looking for this sort of guidance to help prepare their response as well.

5 thoughts on “Can You Help With TPP Review?”

  1. John, I’m pretty sure it is 6000 pages.

    Kyla Tienhaara is not impressed:

      So on the one hand, the TPP provides extensive rights to foreign investors to challenge government measures. On the other hand, it provides no mechanism for those same investors to be held accountable for any environmental harm or human rights abuses they are responsible for.

      If foreign investors really ‘need’ the additional protection that ISDS offers (as governments claim), why shouldn’t that special privilege be conditioned upon their compliance with stringent rules of corporate conduct?

      A treaty that placed the needs and rights of citizens on an equal footing with those of corporations would be much more deserving of the ‘gold standard’ label so frequently bestowed upon the TPP.

  2. There is a contradiction about the idea that we want free trade to encourage people to experiment with new ideas and WTO style trade rules that block countries from trying alternatives to free trade if they so decide.
    If free trade really is so good the countries that decide that they no longer support it will do poorly just like Greece – Oops, wrong example.

  3. First impression: Sir Humphrey Appleby of Yes Minister has migrated to Australia and is doing exceptionally well. 🙂

    Reading and analysing, so far as I am able, the very few items I have downloaded is going to take some time ….

  4. Funny how noone has fully analysed it yet but some hate it and some love it.
    I do note that US farmers groups are not impressed, perhaps because of the Obama thing or it really does reduce the protectionism that line their pockets at the expense of better farmers.

    I’ll wait a bit longer and listen to sector analysis rather than ” journalist ” cherry picking.

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