Please can we have policy rather than politics?

July 2 is going to be a long time coming if the first few days are any indication.

Today a main election news item on ABC radio was still whether Shorten would take us back to the polls rather than do a deal with the Greens.

Turnbull ran into trouble in Sydney’s west when all the press was interested in was who Fiona Scott, member for Lindsay, voted for in the Liberal Party leadership spill. Turnbull cancelled the rest of the day’s campaigning, as well he might if showing up is only going to feed the media’s obsession with irrelevance that is damaging to his campaign. Continue reading Please can we have policy rather than politics?

After Paris, how do we really tackle climate change?

A record 177 countries signed the UN Paris climate agreement in New York on 22 April. That was a record for signing any international agreement on one day.

A few short days earlier another record had been broken – for the first time on any day CO2 emissions exceeded 409 parts per million. If you want some perspective on how aggressively we are forcing the climate, take a look at this graph, albeit from 2013: Continue reading After Paris, how do we really tackle climate change?

Saturday salon 5/5 (late edition)

1. Midnight Oil to burn again

Midnight Oil, led by the former Hon. Peter Garrett, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Education, are returning to a high-ticket priced venue near you.

Simon Tatz says:

    Once again, we’ll witness the gangly mantis, this time just plain old Pete Garrett, belt out songs condemning American military imperialism, condemning the loss of Indigenous land rights and noting that beds, as well as pink batts, keep burning. Continue reading Saturday salon 5/5 (late edition)

Climate clippings 170

1. Arctic ice in trouble

It’s too early to say whether the 2012 record for Arctic summer ice loss will be beaten, but it’s shaping up so that it could. The NSIDC satellite is broken, but robertscribbler has been looking at the Japanese satellite. This is what it shows: Continue reading Climate clippings 170

Budget open thread

Here’s a thread where you can vent about the budget, should you so desire.

Peter Martin has a handy list of what we already know, which is quite a lot.

The ABC does too.

Ross Gittins tells us what not to believe. He reckons they don’t use the appropriate accounting methods to add up the figures. He also says not to obsess so much about deficits. It is the government’s responsibility to borrow to spend on infrastructure and other good things. Continue reading Budget open thread

Labor’s climate change policy

The ALP has put a lot of thought and work into it’s climate policy. A pity, therefore, that the links to the documentation are not better organised. Here to assist readers are the main links I’ve discovered:

The main policy document: Climate Change Action Plan Policy Paper (41 pages)

An 18-page factsheet: Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan Factsheet

A site Labor’s Climate Change Action Plan, where if you follow the links you can get to the Policy Paper and the Factsheet, but in the main you are directed to short summaries of the policy under six key areas. If, however, you follow the links in a way that is not immediately obvious, you get to the more adequate versions below: Continue reading Labor’s climate change policy