1. Does anyone else feel that Tim Nichols love in with ON will lose him the Qld election?
    Or that Anastasia’s promise to cook cakes for gay marriages reminds us that she is basically a nice person and will not sell her soul to ON?

  2. Is there a sizeable group of voters who normally vote LNP, but detest ON?

    Where else might they drift to?

    I happened to be listening to the Senate a few days ago, briefly.

    Topic: climate change. Senator Pauline Hanson lamented the absence of her chief climate expert, ex-Senator Roberts; then surmised that some hitherto unrecognised factors might be causing global warming.

    She instanced “earthquakes” and “nuclear weapons testing”.

    Is she always so cogent??

  3. Thanks, John for passing on the message.

    When I logged off on Wednesday night, there was a big Microsoft upgrade.

    When I started up on Thursday morning, the internet wouldn’t work and the thing was telling me to enter a proxy IP and demanding a password. I tried a few things with no success and had to go out to work. When I got home the lights on the modem were flashing.

    Telstra said there was an outage, not of their making, saying it might be fixed by Friday at 7pm.

    This morning they revised that to future indefinite.

    Tonight it’s all fixed and no weird requests for proxy IP numbers – it’s all good!

    No chance of a new Salon tonight from a standing start, not sure what’s happening tomorrow.

    John, Palaszczuk is honest, calm and authentic. The other bloke anything but. Perhaps the voters are onto him.

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