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  1. John, here’s your comment:

    Brian: “I was surprised to find a NSW lockdown order that doesn’t appear to allow you to travel around the Northern Rivers District. Is that really the case, or have I got it wrong, or is it an order that no-one takes any notice of.”

    I think you are right but I have not looked into what limits are placed on workers. There is this constant flow of stuff on the TV which makes keeping up difficult.

    My understanding is that people like me can move around the Ballina shire area and also go up to 5 km from our home if the boundary is closer to home than 5 km.

    We are both being careful.

    Both double vaccinated

    I have changed exercise routes to reduce numbers I pass.

    Have mask looped under my chin if going anywhere near people. Put in place when getting close to people.

    Hold my breath when passing people.

    Is aware of wind direction.

    I guess we are both trying to minimize risks while getting exercise and staying sane.

  2. John, I thought I’d click on ‘edit’ on this test post. What I got looked weird, and I couldn’t see how I could edit anything.

    At the top over to the right there were some buttons. I clicked on the far right one, and a kind of drop down settings menu appeared. I clicked on ‘classic editor’ and the whole site was suddenly familiar with all the tools and facilities I normally use writing posts.

    I don’t know whether that helps, but after I did it I was able to post the full comment as per above.

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