State of Origin 1

I decided I want to be there (here) as the dream continues, or, as it inevitably must, comes to an end. Also, there may even be one or two readers who are interested and care.

We are told that Qld have won the last five at “the cauldron”, that NSW hasn’t won a series opening here since 2003, but make no mistake, many recent games have been close. For example in 2012 it was one game all and Qld looked OK close to home in the decider at 20-14, when NSW put up an attacking bomb. The Qld player looked to have it covered when Josh Morris flew through the air, took it out of the Qld player’s hands and scored in the corner:


The try was converted from the sideline, so suddenly it’s 20 all. Greg Inglis then almost slid over for a try, but hit the goal posts. Then Cooper Cronk sank the Blues’ hopes with a field goal at the death.

So either side can win.

A lot could be said about selection. Qld have gone light and perhaps mobile in the forward pack with only one big bopper (110kg or over). NSW have three.

Last year we had the disgraceful incident where Gallen punched Myles in the face, twice, and only missed one club match:

gallenpunch 500

Gerard Whately said he would have got 7 weeks in the AFL. It took until Sunday on Debbie Spillane’s program before anyone mentioned “One punch can kill!”

There won’t be any of that rubbish tonight.

Finally it is almost certain that we will be talking about the referees after the game. This year more than ever games are being decided on faulty or questionable refereeing decisions.

It should be a good game. In this part of the world there is only one other rivalry that comes close. That’s Australia vs NZ at netball.

Aust NZ netball

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  1. 12-8, so congratulations to NSW are in order.

    In the end NSW defence won them the game. Two tries each and we came close to a third more often than they did, but they held us out.

    The refereeing could have been worse, but there were errors that influenced they game. Did they even up? Well as I said, NSW defence won out. They took advantage of what was on offer, we didn’t – not quite.

    So now the Blues are odds on to win the series. I’ll actually be in northern NSW with visitors for game two, so might not even see it.

  2. I thought Qld was in trouble well before the game. All that dribble in the Qld media saying that Qld couldn’t lose!
    I terms of a durable state of origin contest it is good to see NSW have the occasional win.

  3. That spear-head tackle was really scary. The poor bloke could have been paralysed for life.

  4. PB, that was Brent Tate who plays with a neck brace. He said he was never more scared in his life, and visions of life in a wheel chair crossed his mind.

    The NSW player was Reynolds, who was put on a Grade 2 charge which would see him out for 3 weeks and he’d miss Origin 2. He’s appealed and wants the charge downgraded. If he fails I think they ramp it up a week.

    I’m betting he’ll be successful and will play Origin 2. I think it was careless and reckless rather than intentional, to use the usual terminology.

    OTOH there is an argument for penalising such action heavily whether anyone gets hurt or not to make sure players are careful.

  5. John, I wasn’t aware of “all that dribble in the Qld media”. Funny that!

    More to the point I think that set of players would not have been complacent. Many of them were there in 2012 when it was so close in the third, and they lost the first last year. Most would be intelligent enough to recognise the quality in the NSW players.

    Qld got the start they wanted. In the 17th minute a Qld player was penalised for interfering in the play the ball. It was a rubbish penalty. The Qld player did exactly nothing. But that gave NSW field advantage and they scored a few minutes later.

    So they had a bit of luck but capitalised on it. If anyone thinks NSW won easily they should think again. Qld won the yardage 1274 to 1194 and the linebreaks 6 to 3. But NSW defence was quite solid on the line, whereas NSW managed to get Hayne on Thurston a couple of times when it counted.

  6. Brian,
    Was on the news last night that Reynolds got off, which I think is disgraceful. League is dangerous enough as it is, without fools engaging in tackles that could paralyze some one just to get hold of a bit of inflated pig bladder.

  7. Paul, I think he may miss one club game which is piss weak.

    It’s reported here that Qld team members were shocked, but I’m not sure how they work that out since they’ve all been dispersed to their clubs.

    To my maroon eye, NSW players are often downgraded on appeal. It’s so unlikely to happen to a Bronco that club policy has been not to appeal.

  8. In injury news, Cronk is gone for the series. Losing him early could have cost us the game as I was disappointed in how many times Cherry-Evans died with the ball in attack.

    Cherry-Evans is doubtful, as is Cam Smith and Slater. Slater is easiest to cover, with Greg Inglis.

    Not sure of other options but I’d give the Bronco Ben Hunt a run at half-back. In their youth, Hunt, Cherry Evans and Barba were running around together in Mackay. They reckon Hunt was the best of the bunch and has been playing well lately.

    Thaiday should be back and I reckon Qld should give the Coal Train Dave Carter a run. He scored three tries for the Titans on the weekend.

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