Blogging hiatus


My dearly beloved sister and her husband from Canada will be staying with us until Friday 20th. Naturally my priority will be with them, so blogging for me will be disrupted during this time. I still have a few posts in the draft bin from the time I was active before the blog opened. I might manage to rummage through the pile and post a couple.

Because of house geography I’m restricted in my computer access and at this time of night must work from my wife’s computer, which for me is less than ideal.

From Monday to Wednesday we will be paying a visit to Byron Bay and Casino sans internet access.

Many moons ago as it happens and not the main reason for our visit, my sister and her husband had their honeymoon at Byron Bay. My wife and I had half ours at Lennox Heads and have not been back since 1982. When the Commonwealth Games was held in Brisbane we decided to take leave and go down to NSW where we could watch on TV.

Anyway bear with me for the next five days and we’ll see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Blogging hiatus”

  1. While the blogger’s away, the webwrangler will play!

    I’ve managed to get a job done that Brian and I have been talking about for a while – I’ve simplifed the category indexing for the archives and adjusted the navigation menus accordingly. I hope this makes things easier for readers to find posts of interest.

  2. Good on you Brian. Lennox Heads is as close as you can get to Paradise without karking it. There has been some ‘development(??)’ since you were there last – just ignore it and enjoy the sea breeze and all the other other nice things.

    Naturally, we will all expect a post or two on a Canadian theme sometime this year based on conversations you have with your sister and her husband …. we all feel we are “Entitled” to that (sorry, I just could resist slipping in that Hockeyism. 🙂 ).

    G’day tigtog; how you are keeping well. 🙂

  3. Hiya Graham, doing middling fair to well. Not enjoying this week’s sudden arrival of proper winter temperatures in Sydney. Brrr.

  4. Thanks, Christoph!

    The northern rivers district of NSW is God’s own country. I can’t believe I haven’t been there in 32 years!

  5. G’day tigtog. ran away to a conference up in the sunny balmy North for the weekend whilst SWMBO stayed here and was frozen and fogged. It’s not cold until you have to shovel snow and can’t drive because of all the black ice. (no, only kidding).. 🙂

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